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If you're involved in a business where recurring revenue is important (such as Microsoft Azure), you might have wondered what the best way to plan monthly growth is. It's a little different to selling more traditional software, placing huge emphasis on compound growth of existing customers as well as continuing to add new ones. This tool will help guide you in understanding the estimated monthly recurring revenue and customer adds growth needed to achieve the targets you set, or have been set by your business.

Complete the form below and you will be presented with a breakdown by month of everything you need!

1. How long is your
planUsually 12 months, but can be as little as 1 or as many as you like!
? (e.g., 12 months, etc.)
2. What is your
target spendThis can be made up of many services, and is the amount you're aiming to bill each customer every month. (i.e., recurring revenue!)
per customer per month, in dollars?
3. What is the total
revenue targetThis should be the total revenue you need to generate over the duration of your plan.
for the duration of your plan?

4. What percentage of incremental growth revenue do you expect to come from
adding new customersThe remaining percentage will be assumed to come from growing your existing customer base.


5. What is your
monthly recurring revenue baselineThis is the monthly recurring revenue from the month immediately before this plan begins. If you are unsure, set to 0.

These questions are optional. If you have numbers for your business, you can adjust the defaults to more closely match your own conversion rates and get a more accurate funnel recommendation.